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Intramuscular Stimulation - IMS is a specialized form of Trigger Point Dry Needling.

It is both Effective and Safe.  LearnIMS offers professional training from an internationally recognized physician expert.


Whether you are new to Dry Needling or want to advance your existing Dry Needling skills ... at a LearnIMS course you will learn the SCIENTIFIC Basis of Dry Needling, learn how to use and apply Dry Needling, and enhance the capabilities of your Practice.

Students Apply IMS During the Course
The IMS Model
Small Class Facilitates Learning
LearnIMS - A Small Group Workshop
Pleasant Learning Environment
Lab Sessions
Student Lab Sessions

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A Message from Dr. Goodman,


My interest In Intramuscular Stimulation, IMS, developed as a consequence of seeing too many of my patients still suffering with persistent pain after exhausting the standard approaches to treating musculoskeletal pain, including medication, injections, physical therapy and even surgery. I was looking for answers to why so many were still requiring opioid and other prescription medications or considering additional surgery or options such as spinal cord stimulators. Many ended up going to pain clinics and on disability. There seemed to be something missing from the traditional diagnostic and treatment model for spinal and regional musculoskeletal pain. That ‘something’ was the proper recognition and treatment of soft tissue, or myofascial pain.


IMS is an elaborated technique of trigger point dry needling that is based on a comprehensive model of diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic-myofascial pain syndromes. It specifically identifies the etiology of a large number of patients who suffer from persistent musculoskeletal pain as fundamentally neuropathic and myofascial trigger points as one of the many manifestations of this neuropathy that is radicular in its anatomical focus.


This model was developed from the clinically recognized work of C.C. Gunn, M.D. who began initially by treating injured workers. His published research in leading peer-reviewed journals has been recognized by the Volvo Award Committee and his model has been taught at the University of Washington for many years and recently the University of British Columbia as well. He has been awarded the Order of Canada for his contributions to understanding and treating chronic pain as well as the Janet Travell Clinical Pain Management Award from the American Academy of Pain Management.

I have now been practicing IMS for 20 years and it has entirely changed the direction of my professional career. The satisfaction of seeing thousands of patients who were not responding to standard treatment become pain free, functionally rehabilitated and returned to productive lives is immeasurable. It is the reason I became a physician.


In addition to practicing IMS I have been continuously lecturing locally, nationally and internationally to physicians, physical therapists, vocational counselors, claims managers and insurance representatives on this unique and powerful treatment. I have also taught it to numerous medical professionals in a variety of settings, and believe that I can now have the most impact advancing this model by offering the highest quality personal training available to learn it. I invite you to learn more about IMS and take the first step to changing your professional career and more importantly, the lives of your patients.


Steven R. Goodman, M.D.


S. Goodman, M.D., C. Chan Gunn, M.D. 1997

"The most important skill of a good pain physician, is the ability to examine the patient, knowing what to look for. Dr Goodman is such a practitioner, having a similar background to myself - rehabilitation medicine and electromyography (EMG). Because of this, he fully understands the principles of pain, especially neuropathic pain. Also important, from the patient’s point of view, he has an excellent pair of hands.

We are grateful and proud that he is a certified lecturer for the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP)."


C. Chan Gunn, M.D.

Founder and President

Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Clinical Professor University of Washington Pain Center, Seattle, Washington

Now Available:  'Private On-site Group' Courses


Dr. Goodman is available to conduct LearnIMS courses for your private group at the on-site location of your choice.  Please contact LearnIMS to discuss this learning option for a private group.

“Outstanding and practice altering course. Well organized, enthusiasm for topic, generous with time. convincing science and fun!”

Kirk Lane, M.D.

Black River Falls, Wisconsin

“IMS sees the forest, not just the trees that other dry needling programs do.”

Robert Jach, P.T.   Bozeman, Montana

Begin Using IMS immediately...


“I had the opportunity to take Dr. Goodman’s IMS class. The small number of students allowed ample hands on practice and education. Following the class I was immediately ready to apply this treatment in my practice and have had great results treating a variety of my patients for chronic pain as well as athletes to assist them in their rehabilitation.”


Tim Messer, DPT, MSPT, LAT, CSCS, Missoula, MT

Course Information & Materials for Prospective Students

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Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn IMS in a small group workshop.
27 Hours Continuing Education


Future Course Dates
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Enrollment is limited.

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LearnIMS Course Prerequisite:

Course attendees must have one of the following - current and active

M.D., D.O. or P.T. license.

Please check back on this website for
the announcements of other
future course dates.

Transform your practice ...


"I have practiced physical therapy for 23 years and attended numerous continuing education courses. One of the most frustrating aspects of courses that include practice labs is the unavailability of the instructor due to class size. This was certainly not the case with Dr. Goodman's LearnIMS course. Class size was limited  which afforded everyone the opportunity to: ask Dr. Goodman questions, have him check your technique and have him demonstrate on your partner. I left the course very confident in dry needling and immediately incorporated the treatment Monday at work."

                                       Kimberley Grover, MPT

                                       Seeley Lake, MT

 Good to have only 12 students to really enjoy Dr. Goodman and the entire course.

Sara Bell, PT      Bozeman, Montana

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