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Steven R. Goodman, M.D.

UNDERGRADUATE                      S.U.N.Y. @ Stony Brook                                                                            Dec. 1978

EDUCATION                                 Bachelor of Engineering with Honors

                                                       Stony Brook, New York


MEDICAL                                       S.U.N.Y. @ Buffalo School of Medicine                                                 June 1984

EDUCATION                                  Doctorate of Medicine

                                                       Buffalo, New York


GRADUATE MEDICAL                  UCSF-Mt. Zion Hospital & Medical Center                                           June 1985

EDUCATION                                  Internal Medicine Internship

                                                       San Francisco, California


                                                       University of Washington                                                                    March 1989

                                                       Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency      

                                                       Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine

                                                       Seattle, Washington


                                                       Founder, President LearnIMS, Inc.                            November 2013 - Present


BOARD                                          National Board of Medical Examiners                                                  June 1985


                                                       American Board of Physical Medicine &                                               May 1990



                                                       American Board of Electrodiagnostic                                                   April 1993



STATE MEDICAL                           Washington                                                                                          1985-Present

LICENSURE                                   Oregon, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico,                                     2012-Present

                                                       Utah, Arizona


PROFESSIONAL                            Physical & Electrodiagnostic Medicine                               July 2008 - Feb 2017

PRACTICE                                      St. Luke’s Physiatry Practice

                                                       St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute                                             

                                                       Spokane, Washington


                                                       Physical & Electrodiagnostic Medicine                                                2003-2008

                                                       S. Goodman, M.D. P.S.

                                                       Seattle, Washington


                                                        Physical & Electrodiagnostic Medicine                                              1991-2003

                                                        Cascade Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic

                                                        Auburn and Federal Way, Washington 


                                                        Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Staff Physician                         1989 -1991

                                                        Gaylord Hospital

                                                        Wallingford, Connecticut

ACADEMIC                                    Clinical Assistant Professor                                          November 2009-Present AFFILIATION                                  University of Washington

                                                        Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

                                                        Spokane, Washington


                                                        Clinical Assistant Professor                                                                 2001-2003

                                                        University of Washington

                                                        Multidisciplinary Pain Center                                  

                                                        Seattle, Washington                  


BOARD                                           International Advisory Board                                                         2004-Present

MEMBERSHIP                                Institute for the Study & Treatment of Pain

                                                        Vancouver, B.C., Canada


PROFESSIONAL                             American Academy of Physical Medicine                                           Current

 MEMBERSHIP                               & Rehabilitation.

                                                        American Assn. of Neuromuscular and                                              Current

                                                        Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

                                                        Spokane County Medical Society                                                         Current

                                                        Institute for the Study & Treatment of Pain.


HONORARY                                   University of British Columbia                                                       October 2014

LECTURESHIP                               2014 Chan Gunn Lectureship


PUBLICATION                               Chapter 14:                                                                                                        2013

                                                        ‘Intramuscular Stimulation’ in ‘Trigger Point     

                                                        Dry Needling: An Evidenced and Clinical-Based Approach’.

                                                        J Dommerholt, C Fernandez-Pena, eds. Churchill-Livingstone


AWARDS                                        ‘Joseph Black Friend of Physical Therapy’ Award                         October 2015

                                                       Physical Therapy Association of Washington

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