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Dr. Goodman has educated medical professionals on three continents about IMS. Over the past 20 years he has treated thousands of patients suffering from persistent pain ... with IMS their lives have improved dramatically. As you scroll down this page you will find personal comments from LearnIMS course attendees and medical professionals about the value of IMS and Dr. Goodman’s skill as an IMS instructor; as well as testimonials from a few of his patients.


"Pain is such an uncomfortable feeling that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin every enjoyment."


                                                                         Will Rogers

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Course 14 Spokane November 2017
Course 13 Missoula October 2017
Course 12 Bellingham April 2017
Course 11 Bellingham April 2017
Course 10 Spokane November 2016
Course 9 Bellingham July 7_9, 2016
Course 8 Missoula May 20-22, 2016
Course 7 Bozeman May 13-15, 2016
Course 6 Nanaimo, B.C. Oct 9-11, 2015
Course 5 Bozeman June 15-17, 2015
Course 4 Bozeman June 6-8, 2014_edited
Course 3 Missoula May 9-11, 2014
Course 2 Missoula Nov 22-24, 2013
Course 1 Missoula Nov 8-11, 2013
Attendee testimonials

Testimonials from LearnIMS course attendees:


“Excellent overview of physiology and anatomy. Important points, techniques and pitfalls (danger areas) well covered. Good breaks between topics to practice and move around; balanced lecture and technical.”      Katrina McGillivary, D.O., Black River Falls, Wisconsin


“IMS sees the forest, not just the trees that other dry needling programs do.”    Robert Jach, P.T., Bozeman, Montana


“This was the best hands on course I attended thus far. The tools/tips provided are invaluable for physiotherapy practice. Dr. Goodman is truly an exceptional instructor. Thank you.”    Maisy Luong, P.T,  Vancouver, B.C.

“Outstanding and practice altering course. Well organized, enthusiasm for topic, generous with time. convincing science and fun!”   Kirk Lane, M.D.    Black River Falls, Wisconsin


“Wonderful presentation and course, supported by evidence. I think that the evals and tests were very learning oriented. Wonderful hands-on help and demonstration. The best snacks and lunch! Thanks.”    Bobi Burney, P.T.   Wolf Point, MT


“Fabulous Course! Best Continuing Education course I have attended to date, I would highly recommend. Very knowledgeable.”   Kevin Mandala, P.T.   Billings, MT


“Best place to learn IMS!”   Mandeep Randhawa, P.T.   New Westminster, B.C.


“Great Course, lots of time to do needling, plenty of time to ask questions and get feedback. Thanks!”   Rebeccah McMillan, P.T.   Missoula, MT


"Great teaching. Hands-on. Took time to explain the concept. Well-organized."   Vinodkumar Kaniyanoor Venkateyan, P.T.   Surrey, B.C. 


“Well presented, useful handouts, engaging and perfect amount of supervision/help. I truly enjoyed this course and I'm very excited to use IMS on select patients. The learning environment was very practical and positive. Thank you!” 

Brooke Tran, P.T.   Missoula, MT


 “Very informative course, feel well informed to go home and start using IMS in my Occupational Health practice.”  

Travis Sherman, P.T.   Billings, MT


“I have done acupuncture for 13 years. This model provides (my way of thinking) a better explanation of chronic symptoms and treatment principles. Thank you for an educational and enjoyable course. Wouldn't change a thing.”  

Wade Bierbach, P.T.   Medicine Hat, Alberta


“Good explanations and plenty of feedback was given throughout the course to ensure safe and effective needling was performed.”   Jacob Erbes, P.T.   Nanaimo B.C.


“Very well presented and organized, lots of time for practice. Good pace of the course. Food was great. Great Course."   Justin Wilson, P.T.   Vancouver, B.C.


“Great course! Amazing content and hands-on learning. Thank you!”   Mike Vannatta, P.T.   Missoula, MT


“Awesome course overall! Hard to imagine something better in terms of great information and useful techniques over such a short period of time. Dr. Goodman was a great instructor!. Will be recommending to everyone.”    Dan Stapleton, P.T.   Surrey, B.C.


“Great structure to the course, great pacing with the lecture. Great value and knowledge in 1 nice colection. Amazing tips and feedback on safety and application. This was a practice changing course and will likely influence my thinking in future patient interactions.”    Iyad Salloum, P.T.   Vancouver, B.C.


“Good to have only 12 students to really enjoy Dr. Goodman and the entire course.”   Sara Bell, P.T.   Bozeman, Montana


“What a great learning experience. Good balance between lecture-based and hands-on learning. After the course I feel comfortable and confident to begin needling appropriate patients in my caseload. Thank you Dr. Goodman and Caryn!”    Dale Rainsford, P.T.   Nanaimo, B.C.


“Very informative and hands-on course. I feel confident with seeking the correct patient population that will be successful with dry needling and a good solid grasp on techniques of needling. Thank you!”   Shawnee Huffsmith, P.T.   Helena, MT

“I had the opportunity to take Dr. Goodman’s IMS class. The small number of students allowed ample hands on practice and education. Following the class I was immediately ready to apply this treatment in my practice and have had great results treating a variety of my patients for chronic pain as well as athletes to assist them in their rehabilitation.”   Tim Messer, DPT, MSPT, LAT, CSCS   Missoula, MT


“IMS has been an amazing tool. Following the LearnIMS course I practiced IMS on almost all of my clients with very positive and significant results. I have practiced medicine since 1990 as a student trainer/ATC then PT in the late 90's and have never had such a powerful tool to maximize my patients’ rehabilitation potential/goals. The power of treating clients with bio-mechanic training, eccentric strengthening, gentle stretching, and IMS is truly wonderful and fulfilling to me as a physical therapist. IMS is allowing me to be more effective…I thank you for providing me with the skills needed to be safe, efficient with time, and effective.”   Aric Thorne-Thomsen, MSPT   Missoula, MT


“Wonderful course! Dr. Goodman was a fabulous instructor! In the 14 years of PT practice – best continuing education course taken! Highly recommend!

Dr. Goodman explained all aspects of IMS in a very effective way – easy to understand and now I feel very confident in explaining this process to my patients.”   Rebekah Stamp, MSPT   Hamilton, MT


“Hands on approach & recommendations by Dr. Goodman were great. Very well organized & easy to understand the concepts of IMS. Overall great class. I feel confident on using IMS on clients.”   Lindsey Tripp, DPT   Corvallis, MT


“Great time management and I really liked how you spent time answering questions, and appreciated the individual feedback. I really appreciated all the background with the theory of myofascial pain and all the references to the current literature. I feel excited to see an approach that has some overwhelming research backing it up. Also great to learn a technique that is not mainstream.”   Mary Marshall, DPT, OCS, CSCS   Bozeman, MT


“I appreciated the one-on-one assistance from Dr. Goodman. Visually it was great to observe Dr. Goodman’s techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this class to everyone. Good information.”   Viola Scott-Anderson, PT   Sidney, MT


“Met all my expectations! Very excited to work again. Dr. Goodman is wonderful to learn from. Excited to take an advanced course.”   Aric Thorne-Thomsen, MSPT   Missoula, MT


“Excellent course. Appreciated the food, very generous of you to offer and provide. Dr. Goodman is so personable and approachable!”   Joy McKay, PT   Missoula, MT


“Look forward to advanced classes.”   Callyn Bihr, DPT   Missoula, MT


Medical Prof testimonials

Testimonials from medical professionals about Dr. Gunn and IMS:


“Dr. Gunn has made significant contributions to the understanding of chronic pain by introducing a theoretical basis which explains many of the enigmatic problems seen in chronic pain patients. His methods, which can be used in everyday medical practice, are an innovative neurologic approach that yields effective, safe and inexpensive treatment for the many patients who might otherwise remain without pain relief….his methods are grounded in a solid, physiological conceptual scheme…(and)…can elicit spinal reflexes and central nervous system responses that promote healing and more important, rehabilitation. His procedures are a viable alternative to the prescription of drugs, which foster toxicity, and to surgery which all too often causes more harm than benefit.”

John Loeser, M.D.

Professor, Neurological Surgery and Anesthesiology

Director, Multidisciplinary Pain Center 1982-1997

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

“Dr. Gunn has been a key figure in the recognition and treatment of the widespread painful condition of soft tissue rheumatism. He deserves great credit for his classical description of this syndrome..”


Professor Patrick Wall FRS, DM, FRCP  (deceased)

Originator of the ‘Gate Control Theory of Pain’


“...Gunn’s Intramuscular Stimulation technique is most effective...there is no other pain treatment available...that can immediately predict, in an objective fashion, whether a patient will respond to (IMS) treatment.”

Jennifer Chu-Andrew, M.D. Emeritus Associate Professor,

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

University of Pennsylvania Medical School


“After 25 years of dealing with problems from the locomotor system I have the opinion that Dr. Gunn’s IMS technique is the most important contribution in the field in the last 10 years.”

Bengt Johansson, M.D.

Chairman Swedish Society for Orthopedic Medicine

Testimonial DrGoodman as teacher

Testimonials from physicians about Dr. Goodman’s qualification as an IMS teacher:


"The most important skill of a good pain physician is the ability to examine the patient, knowing what to look for. Dr Goodman is such a practitioner, having a similar background to myself - rehabilitation medicine and electromyography (EMG). Because of this, he fully understands the principles of pain, especially neuropathic pain. Also important, from the patient’s point of view, he has an excellent pair of hands.


We are grateful and proud that he is a certified lecturer for the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP)."


C. Chan Gunn, M.D.

Founder and President

Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, Vancouver, B.C.

Clinical Professor University of Washington Pain Center

Seattle, Washington



“Dr. Steven Goodman is one of the leading IMS practitioners and teachers in the United States today. He has been practicing IMS as part of a physical medicine approach to treating musculoskeletal pain syndromes for over two decades, and has taught IMS at the University of Washington Multidisciplinary Pain Center, the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, and international medical conferences. As a physiatrist colleague, I have had the opportunity to personally study IMS with him and can attest to his extensive understanding of the science behind IMS, his expertise in the technique and, his ability to teach this valuable treatment model to other medical professionals.”


Susan Schmitt, M.D.

Physiatrist, Integrative Spine & Body Medicine

Portland, Oregon



"We were honored to have Dr. Steven Goodman as one of the main lecturers at the II Regional Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress which was held in the city of Lima, Peru in May 2008 and included attendees from Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela. His lectures that demonstrated deep knowledge of chronic pain of neuropathic origin based on Dr. Chan Gunn's model and the workshops on IMS that he performed with great dexterity were both very well welcomed by the participants. I have no doubt to recommend him as an instructor of IMS because of his extensive experience, pleasant teaching skills and kindness."


Tomas S. Nakazato, M.D.

Physiatrist, Medical Director CEDOMUH

Clinica especializada en dolor muscular y del hueso

Lima, Peru,

Former Vice-President, Peruvian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Former Secretary, Peruvian Association for the Study of Pain



"I have known Steve for many years both professionally and personally. He is only one of 3 IMS instructors in the US. This is a testament to his skill, knowledge and ability. He has proven himself to be one of the top practitioners of this technique and comes with the highest recommendation."


David Kim, MD

Pain Management Solutions

Moorestown, New Jersey

Former President of the New Jersey Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Society


"Dr. Steven Goodman is a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of the IntraMuscular Stimulation technique for treating chronic myofascial pain. I have worked with him at international medical conferences where he has displayed not only his thorough understanding and skill in this valuable treatment model, but also a warm and empathetic approach to the patient. He is committed to maintaining and improving his skills in teaching the Gunn-IMS technique to his medical colleagues, and… is recognized by others in the field to be a dedicated and articulate proponent of IMS to the worldwide medical community. His extensive work in rehabilitation medicine and electrodiagnostic techniques has placed him in a unique position to assist both patients and practitioners in their understanding of this powerful treatment modality."


John Kent, M.D.

Maccabi Health Services

Maalot, Israel

Testimonial Goodman patients

Testimonials from a few of Dr. Goodman’s patients:



“I am a 24 year old law student, extremely active and love playing basketball. In 2011, I had my first ankle surgery, requiring me to not put any pressure on my right leg for 14 weeks. In 2012, I had my 2nd ankle surgery, a bone transplant, that required me to be in bed 20 hrs/day for the first 4 weeks and 10 additional weeks of no weight bearing on my leg. In 3 years, I’ve gone through physical rehabilitation twice, massage therapy, & visited a chiropractor for constant, vicious, pain in my right leg, hamstring, quad, groin, and hip. I could not physically stand for more than 10 minutes without feeling severe tightness and shooting hot pain go up my leg. It was difficult to stand, painful to sit, even worse with any type of exercise.


After 10 visits with Dr. Goodman, I find it shocking and surprising to say that this dry-needling therapy really works!! The first couple of visits did introduce a new type of pain, however, the effects of the treatment substantially outweighed any negatives and after 4 months and 11 total sessions, my leg pain has subsided to the point where I’m able to run, play basketball, and be active. I’m beyond thankful for Dr. Goodman’s treatment and genuine care enabling me to get better and stronger. I honestly would tell anyone considering this type of treatment, to GO FOR IT. I battled severe leg/muscle/nerve pain for over 2 years, and now it is finally not an issue. Thank you Dr. Goodman.”


Payam Parsadmehr

J.D. Candidate 2015

Gonzaga University School of Law

Spokane, Washington




“Following an injury in 2001, I have undergone four cervical spine surgeries over ten years. An extended spinal fusion and cord decompression improved the neurological symptoms however the loss of neck flexibility occasionally resulted in severe muscle spasm and pain that did not respond to medical and physical therapies that had previously controlled the most severe symptoms.


Dr. Steven Goodman recommended a trial of IMS; the benefits for me were substantial and dramatic. IMS was the mainstay of therapy that controlled my symptoms and allowed me to continue my surgical practice.”


Gregory Luna, M.D.

Vascular Surgeon

Spokane, Washington



“Two years ago I started to experience severe pain in my hands and dominant forearm after increasing the amount of typing and mouse-clicking done at work while implementing an electronic medical record. Prior to starting IMS treatments I had visited with a rheumatologist, an orthopedist, a neurologist, a traditional acupuncturist, a chiropractor, three different massage therapists, and two physical therapists. Although these visits and therapies brought an incremental degree of relief, I still remained in daily pain on a scale up to 5-7 out of 10 and required acetaminophen 650 mg twice daily and celecoxib 200 mg on most days. After a series of 12 IMS treatments, I only required monthly visits with a massage therapist for deep tissue massage, and monthly to bimonthly IMS treatments. I am now 0-1 out of 10 on most days regarding experienced pain and take acetaminophen and celecoxib only if needed. The acetaminophen has been reduced to once or twice a week and the celecoxib to once or twice per month.


The IMS treatments have made a major, positive impact in my life. I would strongly endorse and advocate for its use in appropriately selected patients experiencing neuropathic pain.”


Steven Kernerman, D.O., Allergist

Spokane, Washington




"A few years ago, I was a classical pianist working on my Master’s Degree, until one day I began to notice pain in both of my thumbs. After a while the pain became unbearable and I was forced to seek care. I saw many physicians who referred me to physical therapy, which was unsuccessful. I also had cortisone shots and put one of the thumbs in a cast for two months to see if that would help. All these attempts at cure failed. By then, I had given up on music as a career, and had decided to become a physician myself, so I could maybe figure out just what was ailing me.


This was the path that led me to Dr. Goodman. Three years had passed since I first started feeling pain in my thumbs. I watched him treat several patients and asked him if he thought IMS could help my situation. Within a few minutes, I felt the needle enter my left thumb, and it cramped hard. Dr. Goodman told me right there, "You are going to play again." Sure enough, several treatments later, I was back on the piano. I am not returning to music as a career, however.


I am currently a student at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. At the very least, I want to keep myself healthy, but I also know that there are many people out there who have no idea why they are in so much pain and could use this wonderful treatment!"


Peter Johnson (M.D.)

Houston, Texas




"I suffered many years with chronic foot pain and neuromas prior to seeing Dr. Goodman. After 2 neurectomy surgeries on my right foot under the supervision of another doctor, I sought out IMS treatment for my left foot to avoid surgery. I am pain free today and have avoided surgery for my left foot. I could not have done this without the IMS treatments from Dr. Goodman. My quality of life is so much better for having undergone the IMS treatment. I highly recommend it and am happily moving through the world pain free today!


Amy Singer

Seattle, WA



"I saw Dr. Goodman after having back surgery and a severely broken foot. The overwhelming pain and lack of function in my body was such that I questioned whether I'd ever recover from being so 'disabled'. But after two treatments with Dr. Goodman, I experienced greater pain relief in my back than I'd experienced from months of other types of holistic and allopathic treatments. My continued work with Dr. Goodman has been, for me, nothing less than miraculous as I am re-entering life and work with increasing physical comfort and competence."


Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.

Seattle, WA




"I came to see Dr. Goodman after 2 months of physical therapy for an escalating back problem. I had been told I had 'pyriformis syndrome' - the muscles around my pelvis and down into my legs were very painful. Some days I could barely walk. I was at my wits' end when I discovered Dr. Gunn's Intramuscular Stimulation. I had been searching for a pain management alternative to the conventional methods...this led me to Dr. Goodman's website.


After 2 months of IMS treatment I felt so much better. It was a slow and painful recovery...I experienced windows of relief along the way and intuitively felt I was on the right track. Eventually I could go 3 months without a problem. Recently I had overdone it and returned for a tune-up which helped enormously. I now pace myself, walk and stretch daily, and do Tai Chi for relaxation. The personal care and treatment is exceptional. It takes courage to step out of the orthodox field of medicine, on the part of the patient and doctor. I am very grateful for this doctor's skill and courage."


Joan Zaratian

Poulsbo, WA




"I had pain, tightness, and spasms in my calf muscles that prevented me from running and competing for several years. I tried numerous treatments in an attempt to fix the problem: a stretching and strengthening program, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, ultrasound, e-Stim, Active Release Technique (ART), acupuncture, herbs, Shiatsu, Chiropractic, heat wraps, cold wraps, and several tape wrap techniques...but nothing worked.


I visited the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles, team doctors for the Lakers , Dodgers, Kings, Ducks, and Angels, and was diagnosed with 'Compartment Syndrome'. I got a second opinion from another highly respected sports medicine orthopedic group and was told it definitely was NOT 'Compartment Syndrome'. Needless to say I spent several thousand dollars and missed five years of competing throughout the process.


Then through an internet search I found IMS and Dr. Goodman. I explained the situation to Dr. Goodman on the phone and he said he could help. He was correct!!! After just 2 visits I could tell this treatment was different than the others I'd had and that it was working. I began running again after the third treatment with no tightness, pain, or spasms. I am now able to run as much as I want and am looking forward to competing again! Dr. Goodman is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly and I highly recommend his services for any type of sports related injury.


Side Note: Four months into running again, I developed a moderate case of plantar fasciitis but after one IMS treatment it was noticeably better and has not bothered me since."


Dave Buffington,

Santa Ana, CA


5 time finisher

Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

World Championship



"I was referred to Dr. Goodman by my family physician approximately six years ago. I had a back muscle spasm that had progressed to the point of making it almost impossible to drive, and none of the treatments I had received from my physician had helped. On my first visit to Dr. Goodman he performed trigger point 'dry needling' (IMS) on my back and informed me that I may need several sessions before I would see results. I left his office, still in pain, swore he was a quack, and was determined not to go back.


Four days later, I was driving my tractor-trailer when, all of a sudden, my back muscles happened so incredibly fast in the course of 5 or 6 seconds that the only way to describe the feeling was as if I had just received a large dose of pain medication intravenously. I actually started laughing right there in the truck.


I constantly tell people about how I changed my way of thinking to this new type of treatment. I have returned to Dr. Goodman several times over the past 6 years and am willing to make the drive to receive a treatment. The original muscle spasms I had, have never recurred. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Goodman to anyone and have no reservations about putting my reputation on the line in doing so."


B.C. Godfrey

Tacoma, WA




"Dear Dr. Goodman,

It has been a month since my last treatment, and I meant to send you a thank-you before this. I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain related to the repetitive nature of my job ('Repetitive Stress Injury') for over ten years. I was worried that I would lose the career I love as an ultrasonographer. I had read that this treatment could help me but didn't try it until the pain was difficult to ignore. I had been using many ways to deal with the pain: Physical Therapy, ice/heat, deep tissue massage, yoga, stretching, ergonomic and work changes, but still felt like I hit a 'plateau' a few months ago. I made an appointment and had my first treatment immediately after consultation.


I must tell you, that I was mildly skeptical at first, but when I left the office I felt as though the muscles in my right shoulder were relaxed for the first time in years. I had 3 additional treatments over the next month. It has been 4 weeks since my last treatment, and it is difficult to express how much better I feel! It is as if the pain from the last 10 years has been erased, and I am starting off fresh again. I am hopeful that I will be able to continue along with my career, with a 'tune-up' from you once or twice a year. Thank you so much."


Monica Kenney

Seattle, WA




"I have had a long history of neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I've been to chiropractors and specialists. I have been through all sorts of therapy in an attempt to alleviate the pain. Chiropractics help to a point, but the relief was temporary and when the pain would return it would be greater than before the treatment. Dr. Goodman was recommended to me and I thought that I'd give him a try. I had nothing to lose. He explained to me his Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS) treatment. Initially I was very skeptical. After several conversations I agreed to allow him to treat me.


I could not believe the difference after the first treatment. My muscles loosened up and my bones went back into proper alignment and the pain subsided. Because of the bad shape I was in, Dr. Goodman treated me regularly for about a month. Since then, I can go 6 months to a year pain free before requiring a tune up. I have since moved to Ohio, however I make it a point to come home to Seattle at least once a year to visit Dr. Goodman and get a tune up. I wish more doctors used this procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Goodman and his IMS treatment to anyone suffering from shoulder, neck and back pain."


Christopher Damson

Newark, Ohio



"I've been suffering chronic myofascial pain from an automobile accident for over three years. I was bed ridden, taking many prescription drugs, in pain all the time, and needed to be taken care of. Dr. Goodman's IMS treatment has taken me to another level of improvement. Now I'm able to reduce medications and function with ease. I still have problems with lifting, prolong sitting and standing. But I have a life now.


Dr. Goodman not only knows what he is doing, he also loves to see patient's good progress. I plan on continue the IMS, and am hopeful that there is yet much more room for improvement."


Shu Chen

Bellevue, WA




"As a long time satisfied patient of Dr. Goodman's, I have received many successful IMS treatments from him, and am pleased to offer this recommendation for his unique medical skills. I have suffered from osteoarthritis since the early 1990's and was referred to Dr. Goodman in August 1995. Due to my widespread pain at that time in my neck, back, shoulder and arm, it took 5 IMS sessions to cure my pain completely. I have returned for a total of 8 different times, including currently. These treatments have taken from 2 sessions to 5, always resulting in complete pain free recovery. I am currently receiving good results after 2 sessions for problems in my left arm and shoulder.


I have tried other forms of medical alternatives, but IMS is the only method that provides for my complete relief!"


Jim W. Burchfield

Federal Way, WA




"I have a long history of pain in my shoulder and upper back that has persisted for more than 10 years. Chiropractic treatment seemed to work for a while, but then the pain came back with a vengeance this past year and it seemed like everything else I tried (including massage, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy) couldn't get rid of it.


That is until I met Dr. Goodman and tried intramuscular stimulation. I experienced immediate relief after just one visit. The pain continued to resurface during the 5 subsequent visits, but the duration and the severity has lessened considerably. At this time I’ve been pain free for almost a month which is very exciting. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


This treatment is truly astounding. It is unfortunate that this is not practiced by more physicians that treat these types of problem, as many people are suffering needlessly."







"I'm 37 years old, and after many years of athletics, 2 ACL reconstructions, a large lumbar herniated disc and sciatica, I was told that I was an excellent candidate for disc surgery. IMS has successfully relieved me of my chronic spasms and sciatica and has made surgery unnecessary."


Howard Goldstein.

Seattle, WA


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